Property Tracker 101 - Getting Started with Property Tracker

Property Tracker 101 - Getting Started with Property Tracker (VIDEO)

The INPUT DATA section of Property Tracker is where you enter the basic information about each property. A link to the INPUT DATA section of the site can be found in the top left and bottom left of every page in Property Tracker. Once these key values are added you can use the EVALUATE and TRACK sections of the site to view how these values change over time.

Under INPUT DATA > PROPERTY, this is where you input basic address info, purchase price, and initial market value.

Under INPUT DATA > MORTGAGE, this is where you input basic information about your mortgage. The bank, loan number, loan amount, etc.

Under INPUT DATA > EVALUATOR, this is where you would enter the Gross Monthly Rent your tenants are paying, property taxes, insurance, advertising, rate of appreciation. All of these values are set in this section.

Under INPUT DATA > INCOME AND EXPENSES, this is where monthly amounts are entered to document your income (rent, monthly pet fees, damage credits, reimbursements etc.) and your expenses (advertising, insurance, taxes, management fees, etc.)

Once these values have been entered into Property Tracker, you can begin evaluating and analyzing your property by viewing any number of reports in the EVALUATE section of the site. These include your 1st year projection, 10 year projections, brief summary. The TRACK section of the site includes a more detailed report, Schedule E, depreciation etc.

All of these sections INPUT DATA, EVALUATE, and TRACK are accessible from links at the top of every page, and in the footer at the bottom of every page in PropertyTracker. I've attached a screen shot showing this footer and its various clickable links.

Additional help using Property Tracker can be found in our FAQ, Glossary, and Tutorials:

Property Tracker FAQ:

A Glossary of Relevant Terms:

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